Some On-Screen Heroes (That Don’t Wear Tights)

When I talk about heroes on-screen I’m usually talking about people like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman but as great as they all are – and I think that they’re pretty awesome – they are just a small category of what constitutes a hero.

To me a hero is somebody that inspires greatness. They’re the sort of person that’s brave, not just because they are willing to complete death-defying feats, but because they will stand up for somebody that nobody else will defend. They’ll have the scary conversations and even if they make mistakes, their ultimate goal is to do the right thing. With that said, I have chosen a few characters that are heroes to me.

Rocky Balboa

Image result for rocky balboa posterThe Rocky movies have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m a sucker for an underdog story but whilst I supported Rocky in the first six movies, I never saw him as a hero until he was taken out of the ring in Creed and you see the man, not just the fighter.

Rocky’s kind and generous enough to train a near stranger and move him into his house. His heart is so big that he loves this kid after only a few weeks knowing him. People provoke him but he only ever responds with kindness. Rocky chooses to be nice the same way that he chooses to always fight. Rocky’s choices are what make him one of my heroes.

Judy Hopps

Image result for judy hoppsIs it possible to watch Zootopia and not fall in love with Judy Hopps? Usually, the relentless optimist gets on my nerves very quickly but there was something so pure and real about Judy’s morality. Judy stood up for people despite not being able to protect herself and when people said she couldn’t do something, she didn’t become angry or bitter, she tried harder. Most of all, I love that Judy was a flawed character: she had deeply rooted prejudice but when she realised that, she apologised and made an effort to address it. It’s such a simple thing but not a lot of people can so readily admit when they’re wrong.

The Breakfast Club

Image result for the breakfast clubA brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.

This movie made me realise something that I should have already known: everybody is the centre of their own story and everybody has a story. The Breakfast Club didn’t do anything particularly heroic except to be honest with each other about their lives. They were each able to open up to a group of strangers and that never fails to inspire me.

Also, random 80s dance numbers are the best thing in cinema and I wish that they still existed today.

Olivia Pope

Image result for olivia popeI fell in love with Olivia Pope before I ever watched Scandal. I was watching TV when an advert for the show came on and a clip played where I saw this fierce woman standing in the Oval Office and shouting “If you want me, earn me!” at POTUS.

Olivia Pope is fearless – she knows her value in the world and she is not willing to compromise it for anybody (not even the President). Clearly, I respect her power and her drive but I also admire her compassion and her constant willingness to stand up for people that it would be easier to throw under the bus.

Tadashi Hamada

Image result for tadashi hamadaHiro is probably the obvious hero in Big Hero 6 but to me, Tadashi is the clear hero of the story. He may only feature for the first twenty minutes but he is the catalyst behind all of the good things that happen going forwards.

With his huge intellect, he chooses to create something whose only purpose is to help other people. He does everything that he can to help his little brother and even after his death, he manages to help society.

Who are your on-screen heroes? What inspires you in characters? Let me know in the comments.


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