5 Ways Doctor Strange Breaks The Marvel Mold

Doctor Strange was released last week and it was another fantastic addition to the MCU catalogue (you can read just how fantastic in our review over here) but it was very different to our Avengers style heroes.

Sure, there was the lovably arrogant protagonist like Iron Man; inter-dimensional travels like Thor; and of course, Stan Lee, like every MCU movie but this movie still stood out as an original. Here are five ways that I think that Doctor Strange breaks that Marvel mold:

(1) The Mystic

Image result for doctor strange stillsImpossible science and alien technology – definitely a part of Marvel’s wheelhouse. The mystical? Not so much. Doctor Strange marks their first venture into this particular topic and they do it well. Looking back on Season 4 of The CW’s Arrow, you can see that the mystical is not an easy theme to just dive into but Doctor Strange delivers it in a way that makes you trust it and not think too hard about the particulars.

(2) Open Celebration of Cults

Let’s face it: we might love to see the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy all teamed up but they’re not the smoothest teams out there. In fact, they tend to spend most of their movies fighting with one another rather than whoever the big, bad villain is. In Doctor Strange we see what can only be defined as a cult (and some characters do define it as a cult). Maybe you disagree but with titles like ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ what else can you call it?

(3) Marvel Studios Intro

Image result for new marvel studios introThis is slightly less to do with the film itself but this is the first MCU film to run the new intro that was announced at San Diego Comic Con this year. I actually forgot all about it and was incredibly unnerved when I saw it run before the movie.

(4) No Lasting Destruction Of Cities

Between them, Marvel heroes have wrecked New York, London, Lagos, and Johannesburg amongst others. It’s great that they’re saving the world but if Captain America: Civil War taught us anything, it’s that people aren’t ecstatic when their homes and family become collateral damage. Doctor Strange has plenty of huge action sequences but he manages not to decimate any landmarks. Avengers, take notes.

(5) The Death Fake-Out

Doctor Strange abandons the death fake-out. Yup, unlike that time with Coulson or that time with Nick Fury or that time with Loki or that time with… I think you get the point. When people die in this film, people actually die. At least I think they do. You know, there’ll probably be another movie and they could bring them back but for now it seems pretty permanent.

Have you seen Doctor Strange yet? How else do you think it differs from other Marvel movies? Let me know in the comments.


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