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This week was just an explosion of amazing new movie trailers so obviously I’m not going to talk about any of those right now. Somehow, in all of that, there was some other news but you may find yourself wondering: wait, what happened?, if so, I’ve got you covered.

Scandal Season 6 Trailer

I may not be covering the movie trailers that dropped this week (yet) but there was a huge television trailer that was released and nowhere near enough people are talking about it. Scandal is coming back for its sixth season in January and the new season looks pretty explosive. If you’re like me and are definitely going to miss watching the train wreck that is the US Presidential Election, this ought to serve as good transitional piece to ween you off. Check out the trailer below:

Deadpool Composer Leaves Sequel

Image result for deadpoolIn a show of solidarity to Deadpool director Tim Miller, Junkie XL (composer of the first Deadpool movie) has also left the sequel. I’m really hoping that this is the last piece of bad news surrounding the upcoming sequel to Deadpool. There are only so many elements of the first film that you can remove before it’s impossible to recapture the same magic.

Rami Malek To Play Freddie Mercury In Upcoming Biopic

Image result for rami malekIt was announced that Rami Malek would play Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic that has long been in the works titled, Bohemian Rhapsody. Sacha Baron Cohen was previously attached to the role. I will be completely honest and say that I do not know much about Queen or Freddie Mercury except for a couple of songs and an awareness of their reach. Truly, I am just pleased that more people are giving Malek opportunities whereas he had previously been typecast in the “quirky” roles.

Are you a Scandal fan? Do you think Deadpool 2 is heading in the direction of Warner Bros.’ The Flask movie? How do you feel about Rami playing Freddie Mercury? Let me know in the comments.



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