Hidden Figures || Trailer Review

The “true story” genre has become increasingly popular in recent years and for some reason – possibly because the US are leading the film industry – a lot of these movies are about the American Civil Rights movement. Yet, I’m not bored of them.

Movies are fun, they’re a form of escapism, but before any of that they are a device to tell stories. Hidden Figures tells the untold story of the black women who helped NASA get astronauts into space.

When you have a film about such strong, inspirational characters, you need the female actors who are able to back that up and carry the weight of the people that they’re portraying. Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer are the epitome of that. Janelle Monáe also stars and based on this trailer, she is another powerhouse to look out for.

There are light, funny moments in this trailer but then it covers deep and emotional subject matter. As a black, female, Engineering student, I can’t help but connect to this movie and I’m so happy that it’s being put out into the world. We’re at an age where girls are finally being told that their minds matter but there simply aren’t enough role models in the public eye for them to look at and think: I can be a scientist, I can be a mathematician.

Finally, Pharrell Williams is involved as a producer and song writer: this movie is going to be fantastic.

What do you think of Hidden Figures? Do you think that the film industry has reached a saturation point with Civil Rights’ movies? Let me know in the comments.

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