Reasons To Be Excited In 2017

By all accounts, 2016 was a rough year. Fortunately, 2017 promises to be a lot better – or at the very least that’s what people are saying and blind faith is currently preferable to painful realism.

At the very least, in our geeky, little bubble, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the forthcoming year – so many, in fact, that narrowing it down to 17 was a challenge but that is what has happened. Here are 17 things to get excited about this year.

Wonder Woman (2 June)

This is the first time that I’ve truly been excited for a project by the DCEU and I’m really hoping that they don’t screw it up. Just give us a female hero and let her be as bad-ass as she was originally written to be.

Beauty & The Beast (17 March)

Disney classic, music from my childhood, Emma Watson: what isn’t there to love about this movie? Even Gaston looks good (in a he-seems-to-be-a-more-well-rounded-character kind of way, don’t worry – it looks like he’s still a total bastard).

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Sense8 (5 May)

After the Christmas special at the end of December, I’m absolutely buzzing for this new season. Sense8 is hope and light but it’s also painful and terribly, terribly sad at times. Essentially, it’s the best thing being broadcast at the moment.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (7 July)

Sure, it’s the third reboot of this hero’s franchise but he’s still my favourite and I still can’t wait to see him again.

Cars 3 (14 July)

Never in a million years would I have thought that any member of the Cars franchise would be making it onto a list like this but… never say never. The first teaser trailer got me hooked and now I absolutely have to see it.

Coco (8 December)

I can’t talk about Cars 3 and miss out the other Pixar release for this year. Not a lot of people are talking about Coco at the moment but it’s about the Mexican Day of the Dead and that alone has me very interested. Plus, it’s Pixar – it’s going to be fantastic.

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Orange Is The New Black, Season 5 (June)

The last two episodes of the most recent season of Orange Is The New Black were viewed behind a curtain of tears which is basically the highest praise from me. They ended on a cliffhanger that I couldn’t stop thinking about for days. Dammit, now I’m thinking about it again.

Star Trek: Discovery (May)

I am a part of a new generation of Star Trek fans that jumped onboard after the Pine movies. That huge market is probably one of the main reasons that they decided to launch a new series and I am very grateful for that.

The Oscars (26/2)

Th glitz, the glamour, the terrible jokes: I live for this award ceremony. It’s the one night of the year that I can successfully pull an all-nighter so that I can watch the entire show all the way from England.

Stranger Things (TBC)

I don’t know where they’re going to go from the first season but I am more than happy to find out.

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Justice League (17 November)

My hopes for this movie are slightly lower than those for Wonder Woman but I’m trying to stay optimistic. Most of the characters seem great (with the exception of Batfleck) and if Warner Bros. can get their act together, this could be something amazing.

Hamilton, London (21/11)

I’ve adored this musical for the last year and it is finally coming to London! I won’t be able to afford tickets but at least I’ll be able to walk past the theatre…

Iron Fist (17 March)

Judging by Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, this show is going to be amazing. What’s more, it’s the final piece of the puzzle before we get to…

The Defenders (TBC)

I love what Marvel are doing with their Netflix series and this seems like it’s going to be beyond amazing.

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Star Wars VIII (15 December)

My appreciation for the Star Wars franchise is an even more recent development than my enjoyment of Star Trek. For the first time, I will be waiting with anticipation alongside the other fanboys and fangirls.

Fast & Furious 8 (14 April)

I’m not going to pretend that these movies mean anything more to me than 2 hours of ridiculous stunts and cheesy one-liners but sometimes the world needs crazy stunts and cheesy one-liners.

Logan (2 March)

Is it weird that I feel a little bit scared of this movie? Like I know it’s going to be brilliant but I think that if Logan dies, a little part of my heart may also die.

So those are the 17 things that I am most looking forward to in 2017.

What are you looking forward to? Is there anything on my list that has you pointedly unenthused? Let me know in the comments.


Why Hollywood Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Broadway

It would have been easy to say that this year’s Tony Awards were all about Hamilton but the ceremony proved that that was not true. More than any other award ceremony, the Tonys showcase the plays that they have gathered to honour and as somebody who isn’t able to fly to New York and pay hundreds of dollars to watch these shows, I couldn’t appreciate it more.

In the wake of #OscarsSoWhite, Broadway showed Hollywood what diversity looks like – kind of. I am well aware that not every single race and ethnicity was represented last night in the Beacon Theatre but there were more than we’re used to seeing on screen and we need to celebrate the small victories.

Throughout the years that I’ve watched the Tony Awards, a running theme is that the show is just as much for the aspiring young performers and writers in in their small towns as it is the nominees. Indeed, James Corden based his opening number on that very idea. For some reason, many actors going into stage-work have specific roles in mind that they want to play which means from the very conception of their dreams, they are limited by the works that are already out in the world – by what they see exists.

I’m by no means an actor but I am very well-acquainted with comic-con and cosplay. For me, finding a character in a piece of work that I enjoyed and I could dress up as proved impossible. Nobody on screen looked like me and to be perfectly honest, that hasn’t changed all that much but watching the Tonys was a wonderful, inspiring experience. There were people who I could see myself in and they were being celebrated.

Obviously Hamilton used colour-blind casting and simply hired the people that were good (somehow a radical notion in Hollywood) but the show’s Leslie Odom Jr. put it best, saying:

“you know what’s better than colour-blind casting? Roles that are actually written about you. Roles that are actually written about your experience.”

Also honoured in last night’s ceremony we saw EclipsedShuffle Along, and The Colour Purple. Barring The Colour Purple, these are all new shows: Hollywood has a diversity problem and it doesn’t help that studios are so afraid to produce original content – films that aren’t remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, adaptations etc.

In the wake of the horrific events in Orlando, the Tony’s were a reminder that there is still so much joy and love and most of all, the ability to change. The kind of diversity that was put forward last night wouldn’t have existed in this industry 20 years ago but we have evolved and we just have to hope that we can continue to do that.

Did you see last night’s Tonys? Who were you rooting for to win? What was your favourite show this season? Let me know in the comments.