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There’s a xenophobic, misogynistic, orange buffoon moving into the White House but focusing on that makes me angry. I don’t want to be angry so let’s talk about happy things like the news you may have missed during the media coverage of this trainwreck election.

Elektra Will Return In The Defenders

Image result for elektra natchios netflixPeople were raving about The Punisher but Elektra was definitely the stand-out character in Season 2 of Daredevil for me. The last we saw of her she had died saving Matt, and members of The Hand were attempting to bring her back to life. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately considering their alignment) it looks like they were successful and it has been confirmed that she will return to the MCU in The Defenders. How big a role she’ll play is unknown but with only 8 episodes and so many huge characters, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Big Bang Theory Prequel Series

Image result for sheldon cooperCBS is developing a spin-off series based on The Big Bang Theory‘s Dr. Sheldon Cooper because God knows we couldn’t just let the series die. It is said to be a single-camera comedy series that will follow a young, possibly teenaged, Sheldon. With The Big Bang Theory in its tenth series and no renewal as of yet, it looks like this could be the end for the show and this new series is possibly their attempt and creating a legacy.

Halle Berry Movie Removed From Release Schedule

Remember that Halle Berry movie, Kidnap, that was slated to come out in less than a month? You know, the one that was essentially a gender-swapped reboot of Taken? No? Well don’t worry about it, Relativity have removed it from their release schedule and there’s no saying if it’s ever coming back. The studio has been facing serious financial issues recently and this seems to be one of the consequences. However, if you’re now curious about what could have been you can watch the trailer below:

Who are you looking forward to seeing in the Defenders? Are you a fan of this new Big Bang Theory spin-off idea? Would you like to see Kidnap get a future release date with somebody else? Let me know in the comments.


Wait, What Happened? || Geek News

With one week until the US elections, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are dominating the news cycle and as somebody in the UK who is largely unaffected by the results, I’m sitting back and loving all of it. However, there is other news – cooler news. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you find yourself asking: wait, what happened? I’ve got you covered.

The Defenders Run Will Be 8 Episodes

Marvel have a pretty solid formula in both their films and series but they are straying from it with the upcoming series: The Defenders. Whilst their other Netflix series have had 13 episode seasons, The Defenders will only be 8 episodes long.

I have mixed feelings on this. Obviously I want as much of this show as possible but if they only have 8 episodes of material then I wouldn’t want it stretched out to 13 and risk losing quality. If that dampened your excitement for the show maybe these new set photos will cheer you up.

Disney Developing Live-Action Snow White Movie

Image result for snow whiteDisney are roaring ahead with their live-action remakes and the next classic in their sights is Snow WhiteThe Girl on the Train screenwriter, Erin Cressida Wilson, is in negotiations to write the script with Benk Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land) attached as songwriters. The movie will include some of the original music but new songs are also being written.

In recent years there have been two separate attempts at a live-action Snow White in Mirror, Mirror and Snow White & the Huntsman but neither really captured the magic of Disney’s animated version. Hopefully Disney won’t fall short of their own original.

The Flash Loses Its Second Director

Image result for rick famuyiwaRick Famuyiwa has become the second director this year to leave ‘The Flash’ movie over creative differences. I’m trying to have faith in the DCEU, I really am, but they make it so difficult. I mean, what are Warner Bros. doing to these directors? Just let them make a nice movie!

The film was set to begin production early next year and was slated for a March 2018 release but whilst Warner Bros. are yet to release a statement, it seems unlikely that that will happen.

Do you wish that the Defenders was longer? Are you tired of Disney remakes? Do you think that The Flash movie will get its act together in time for a 2018 release? Let me know in the comments.

Wait, What Happened? || Geek News

From castings to trailers to director departures, there has been a lot going on this week and it’s a little bit tricky to keep up with it all. In fact, you might find yourself asking: wait, what happened? If that’s the case, then I’ve got you covered.

Tim Miller Leaves Deadpool 2

February’s Deadpool was amazing and even more amazing was the announcement of a sequel with the entire creative team returning. Unfortunately the director of the original movie, Tim Miller, has now left the production citing ‘creative differences’. Despite this irritatingly vague term, insiders have given us some insight as to the real reason he left.

Image result for deadpool poster

Essentially Miller was at odds with Ryan Reynolds and the writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who all wanted to keep the sequel similar to the first film (small budget, rooted in good humour) whilst Miller’s vision was a more “stylised” and expensive version. Unsurprisingly, the studios backed the cheaper version based on the model that had already seen make them lots of money.

It’s definitely upsetting that Miller has left the film and to be honest, I’m not convinced that his idea would have been a bad thing. Obviously I enjoyed the first movie and I don’t want it to fall into the trap of making a sequel that values style over substance but it also can’t be the same thing as the first one. If a movie is making a sequel, then that sequel has to be something new and hopefully better.

Netflix Plunges Into Debt – On Purpose

This week Netflix announced a plan to raise $800 million of debt with the intention of creating more original content. This is not entirely unexpected as the company recently announced that their long-term goal is to have 50% of the content on their website be original. The strangest part of this story is how little anybody actually seems to care.

Image result for netflix logo white

Whilst Netflix never reveal their figures in terms of views, they are more than happy to let the public know about their subscriber growth which just happens to be booming. The original content on their site is one of the biggest draws for consumers with shows like House of Cards and Luke Cage grabbing as much (and maybe even more) attention than their network and cable television counterparts.

This new debt offering means that the company is technically upwards of $3 billion in debt – I really just need you to stop and take a moment to appreciate the size of that number. $3 billion. That’s $3,000,000,000. Regardless, they’re doing well and we get to see more original content. I do not understand finance.

New X-Men 2 Trailer

You read that right, there is a new trailer for 2003’s X2. It comes in the wake of the release of the trailer for Logan and does its best to imitate that style. The result is amazing: it’s unnerving and intense but amazing. Check it out below:

Do you think that Tim Miller’s departure will negatively affect the Deadpool sequel? Are you a fan of Netflix originals? What did you think of the X2 trailer? Let me know in the comments.

Marvel vs. DC: TV Edition

It’s the infinity question: Marvel or DC? Obviously the answer is normally Marvel but that’s just in print and on the big screen. It is now the golden age of television and the two comic giants have not slacked in getting their content out on TV. As of right now, there are more than ten Marvel/DC shows airing and even more in development. The question is: who’s better?

marvel v dc.png

Marvel: Netflix

With the recent release of Luke Cage (full review here), the Marvel Netflix series are in the spotlight at the moment. This group contains: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and in five months, Iron Fist.

Of all the comic book shows, these are the most unique in terms of format. Thanks to Netflix, these 13 episode seasons are all released at once which has the awesome effect of being able to watch them in one sitting – almost like a 13 hour movie.

They are praised for their grittier, darker tone in comparison to the wider MCU but what I love most about these is the characters. TV allows character development on a much larger scale than film but even by that standard, it feels like these dive into the stories of everybody: heroes and villains alike. Also, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple is my favourite thing.

My only gripe is something that Netflix proudly claims: this is “event television”. It only comes around twice a year and if you watch them immediately (like myself) you’re left with nothing for 6 months.

DC: The CW

The CW is home to the Arrowverse – The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl – but many people don’t know that the show, iZombie, is also based on a DC comic.

Network television is a far departure from Netflix which means that these shows aren’t allowed to be as violent or deal with heavy issues. The general tone of them is much lighter but they all have their own unique stamps which make them really good at being what they are.

Image result for izombie

My personal favourites are Supergirl and iZombie – Supergirl is unabashedly feminist and maintains this unbelievably bright, cheerful aesthetic. It could come off as cheesy but the character dynamics are fantastic and the actors (particularly Melissa Benoist) really sell the story.

Unfortunately, without the space to explore any more substantial themes, some of the plots can become needlessly convoluted and no amount of good acting can make you believe the stakes that are being presented to you.

Marvel: ABC

Whilst Agents of Shield is technically the only Marvel series currently on ABC, I live in constant denial that Agent Carter got cancelled so I’m just going to include it in this category.

When Agents of Shield began it seemed like it was just fan service: “don’t worry guys, Coulson’s okay!”, but it has evolved since then and I think that it’s finally finding its own feet in it’s third season. That is largely helped by the fact that they now have a later air time which means that they can get a bit more violent.

Image result for agent carter

Agent Carter never had that issue: it is a show that has known exactly what it’s about since the beginning . These shows are a nice reminder that whilst we watch the superheroes, there are ordinary folks that do just as much, probably more.

DC: Fox & AMC

Finally DC have Gotham and Lucifer on Fox, and Preacher on AMC.

I’m not going to lie: I think that Gotham is the definition of trash-television but for some reason I continue to watch it.

Preacher is much more interesting. I fell in love with the concept but my interest dwindled as the first season played out. I think that these are the riskier, more experimental ideas and whilst they aren’t perfect, I love the fact that these networks are taking a chance on something different.

So, those are our shows. Which is better?

Marvel! I mean, come on, I’ll be loyal until the day that I die but I genuinely believe that the quality of their shows is miles ahead of their DC counter-parts. DC might have more breadth but that isn’t always a good thing.

What do you think? Marvel or DC? I am completely biased? Let me know in the comments.

Luke Cage || Review

*Spoiler Alert*


There’s nothing that can hurt you, so what the hell are you afraid of?

My issue with Superman is that he’s boring. He is essentially all-powerful and he lives to save people – no matter what he comes up against, the outcome is pretty predictable. I was slightly worried that Luke Cage might suffer from the same problem. If he’s invulnerable, how exactly were they going to create real stakes? Never doubt Marvel.

After months of anticipation, the first episode of the series was aptly named, “The Moment of Truth” and it delivered. They made sure to pack it full of wider MCU references, from the Avengers, to Jessica Jones, and even Justin Hammer (definitely look out for all kinds of Easter eggs in this series – including that Power Man costume).

If they felt that they had to reinforce the fact that this show was a part of the MCU, that’s because this is completely different to anything else that Marvel has produced.

Whilst the Netflix shows are known for their grittier, darker takes on heroism; Luke Cage strays from that model. Yes, there’s blood and violence but Luke isn’t like Matt Murdock or Jessica Jones. He has his issues but he’s not the tortured vigilante: Luke Cage is warm and funny and it takes an Uncle Ben-esque moment to force him into the position of hero.

There are no masks and Luke doesn’t fight crime in the shadows – he’s out in the open. Honestly, this feels almost revolutionary for a superhero show: a hero who doesn’t hide??? Obviously there are reasons why this doesn’t happen often in the genre and this show examines those to great effect.

One of my favourite scenes in the entire season is where Luke and Cotton Mouth fight, not with their fists but in a debate. It’s brilliant and a technique that other shows can’t employ. It makes it immensely clear that the battles in this series extend past brawls between individuals and incorporates a fight for the public support.

A hero is nothing without a good villain and there are plenty to choose from in this show – maybe too many? This show was fantastic at building the back-stories of all of their characters but sometimes it felt too late. They would wait until that character’s final arc and then reveal their motivation which meant that there was such a long period in which these villains just didn’t quite make sense.

The perfect example of this is the show’s “big bad”, Willis. We’ve seen the theme of religion handled expertly with Daredevil’s Catholic guilt, and in comparison this felt weak. The idea of the character was a lot more interesting than the execution and at points it felt like he was just a caricature of an evil religious zealot.

On the other hand, I liked the other villains of the season a lot more – particularly Shades and Mariah. Throughout the season a part of me was rooting for Shades and I was certainly sympathetic towards Mariah during that game-changing scene in episode 7 where she kills her cousin.

Rape, racism, prejudice: this show handles some heavy themes. Luke Cage is a black superhero and that matters a lot. The creators of the show don’t try to dismiss that, they really embraced it and portray this honest depiction of black lives in Harlem without being preachy. It gave a balanced view: looking at the racial divide from both sides of authority.

There are a lot of things that make this series special and you certainly can’t forget the soundtrack. It had already been announced that music would be a large part of this show and it was true. The mixture of jazz and hip-hop, whilst actually shooting in Harlem gave a wonderfully authentic feel to events. Harlem feels like more than a setting, it’s like a character in and of itself.

Amongst my favourite parts of this show were the flashbacks, which were always superb, the gorgeous cinematography, and more Claire Temple than we’ve seen in Daredevil and Jessica Jones combined.

This didn’t hit as hard as Daredevil with the action sequences; it didn’t have as compelling an antagonist as Jessica Jones; but it held its ground. Luke Cage is a different kind of hero so he has a different kind of show. It’s still amazing.

What did you think of Luke Cage? What were your favourite parts of the series? What didn’t you like? Let me know in the comments.

Wait, What Happened? || Geek News

The news cycle at the moment is pretty much all Presidential Debate coverage but if you don’t live in the US or maybe you just don’t need the events of the debate repeated to you over and over again, I have some other news!

Luke Cage Trailer

Netflix just dropped another trailer for Luke Cage yesterday. Honestly, it felt like when Beyonce dropped her album – super casual, but it had me freaking out. The show premieres on Friday morning and I can’t wait. I was excited but this trailer has taken it to a whole new level. The Marvel Netflix series just keep getting better and they seem to have perfected the art of the villain. If you want to be as excited as I am, you can watch the trailer below:

Sherlock Season 4 Episode Titles

Image result for sherlock season 4The BBC revealed the titles for the season 4 episodes of Sherlock. They are: The Six Thatchers, The Lying Detective, and… well, the last one is still a mystery. That’s most likely because it would act as a spoiler for where this season is heading. Nonetheless, more dedicated fans than myself have taken the two titles we know and all sorts of fan theories are sprouting – peruse those at your own risk.

First Look At Superman In Action

There are a couple of Supermen floating around our screens at the moment but I am talking about the one played by Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl. A clip from the first episode of the upcoming season was released and it just makes me happy. Supergirl has this very bright, optimistic aesthetic and I’m glad to see that their move from CBS to The CW hasn’t changed that. I wasn’t completely sold on the casting of Tyler Hoechlin but he definitely looks the part in this clip. You can watch that below:

That’s all for today but I’m always here with different content and I’ll be back soon with more news. Until then:

Are you psyched for Luke Cage? What do you make of the Sherlock titles? Is Supergirl to sugary-sweet for you? Let me know in the comments.

Wait, What Happened? || Geek News

TV and movie news happens so fast that if you look back on this week you may find yourself asking: wait, what happened? Well, do not worry – here’s my very selective (some may even say biased) breakdown of this week’s most choice news so far.

Ben Barnes Joins The Punisher

Image result for ben barnesAfter the second season of Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil aired earlier this year, the world fell in love with The Punisher – so much so that his own solo series was commissioned. Yes, if you didn’t already know, Jon Bernthal is coming back as The Punisher in, um… The Punisher. This week it was revealed that Ben Barnes would also be starring in the show. It is not yet known what role he will play but rumour has it that he will be Bobby Saint (a villain from the comics). Barnes is probably best known for his role as Prince Caspian in the Narnia films or maybe you’re like me and he haunted your youth when he played Dorian Gray.

Great British Bake Off Moves To Channel 4

Image result for great british bake offThe increasingly popular baking reality show, Great British Bake Off, has been stolen from the BBC by Channel 4. I’ve never even watched the show and I feel outraged – if I could boycott it, I would. Whilst Bake Off has built its reputation as a BBC show, it is actually owned by Love Productions and this year, Channel 4 outbid the BBC for the broadcast rights. I am not the only Brit unhappy with this move: the people who actually watch the show aren’t too happy either. The judges, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, will follow the show to its new home but the hosts, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, will not be following.

Stan Lee Film In Development

Image result for stan leeThe cameo king, Stan Lee, is finally getting the chance to stand front and centre in his own movie. 20th Century Fox currently have a Stan Lee feature film in development and I know what you’re thinking: Oooh, Stan Lee was such a key part of creating so many heroes that I adore. It would be wonderful to learn more about his life. Well, tough. This is no inspiring biopic about pulling up your bootstraps and working hard; according to The Hollywood Reporter, it is going to be a “period action-adventure movie”. It sounds so ridiculous and beyond amazing. I can’t wait.

Are you one of the fans that wanted a Punisher series? Do you watch Bake Off? Are you going to be queuing up for tickets to the Stan Lee movie? Let me know in the comments.